Eyebrow Tinting Sacramento

What is the purpose of Eyebrow Tinting Sacramento? To match your eyebrows to your hair color for dramatic results.

Eyebrow Tinting Sacramento

Eyebrow Tinting Sacramento - Esthetician Sacramento CAAre your eyebrows darker now that you got highlights? Are your blonde eyebrows lighter, washing you out? Is grey appearing?

What color should my eyebrows be?

Hair color is easy to change, but the trick to making your look as natural looking as possible is to dye your eyebrows to match your hair color.

Make your eyebrows lighter, eyebrows darker, and tint gray eyebrows. Sparse eyebrows also benefit.

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Why not book an eyebrow waxing just before your tinting? While you are here for your eyebrow tinting service would be a great time to get perfectly shaped eyebrows.

About Eyebrow Tinting Products – Eyebrow Tinting Sacramento

Our Eyebrow tinting products are safe, consisting of specialty vegetable dye for eyebrows which is semi permanent, lasting up to six weeks.

The service is effective and quick, lasting a mere 15 minutes! The result is a nearly instant eyebrow tint for the finishing touch to your perfect look.

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