Hair Removal Sacramento

Hair Removal Sacramento - Esthetician Sacramento CAHair Removal Sacramento:

Get smooth and clean skin from hair waxing Sacramento!

Hair waxing is a great choice for body or facial hair removal.

Our professional body waxing services include unwanted facial hair removal and body hair removal.

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Unwanted Facial Hair Removal Sacramento

Eyebrow Waxing Sacramento

  • Eyebrow Shaping : Sculpt your Perfect Eyebrow Arch
  • Eyebrow Maintenance : Preserve your Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

Upper Lip Hair Removal Sacramento

  • Upper Lip Waxing:

Chin Hair Removal Sacramento

  • Chin Hair Waxing:

Unwanted Body Hair Removal Sacramento

Underarm Hair Removal Sacramento

  • Underarm Waxing:

Bikini Wax Sacramento

  • Bikini Waxing:
    $45 and up

Leg Hair Removal Sacramento

  • Leg Hair Waxing : Full leg
    $65 and up
  • Leg Hair Waxing : Half leg:
    $40 and up

Arm Hair Removal Sacramento

  • Arm Hair Waxing : Full arm:
    $40 and up
  • Arm Hair Waxing : Half arm:
    $30 and up

Chest Hair Removal Sacramento

  • Chest Hair Waxing
    $45 and up

Back Hair Removal Sacramento

  • Back Hair Waxing
    $60 and up

Details – Hair Removal Sacramento

There are two types of hair removal wax that are used, soft wax and hard wax.

  1. Hair Removal Wax – Soft Wax is applied as a thin layer and removed with a cloth strip. It’s ideal use is to quickly remove hair from larger areas. Soft wax is generally used for arm, back, chest, or leg hair removal.
  2. Hair Removal Wax – Hard Wax is applied as a thicker application and it dries fast for easy removal without cloth strips. This wax is well suited to remove hair from sensitive areas. The hard wax hair removal method is best for a bikini wax, or face and eyebrow waxing.

Hair Removal – How Often?

How often should hair waxing be done?

For better results, a routine of every 3-4 weeks is ideal. The hair growth cycle has three stages. The goal is to eventually get all hair growth at the same stage. This will result in optimal hair removal results and less stubble between appointments.

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